I Would Rather Sleep Than Spend Time With God

Most mornings on the bus to work, I try and read my Bible. It’s a routine I started almost a year and a half ago and for the most part, I think I’m pretty good at sticking to it.

But there are some mornings when it is a serious battle not to spend those 30 minutes staring out the window or enjoying extra sleep. Some mornings, the desire to spend time learning from God is the last thing I want to do.  

Why is it such fight to spend time with my maker and my King? I have a few ideas.

  1. I’m lazy. I would rather sleep.
  2. I’m selfish. I put a higher priority on the things going on in my life than I do on God.
  3. I don’t want to be challenged. That means I may have to change. Refer to point #1.
  4. I’m too busy. Refer to point #2.
  5. I haven’t come to a full understanding of God’s grace given to me because if I had, I should be burning to read his word all the time and to learn more about him.
  6. I tell myself that I don’t need to learn – I know everything. My opinions are the right ones and I don’t need to be told otherwise. I’m a proud person.
  7. I fool myself into thinking that I am capable of handling sin on my own.
  8. Sometimes I worry what people are thinking of me.
  9. It’s hard to understand sometimes. Refer again to point #1.
  10. I have been poisoned with sin and sometimes I don’t even realise it.

In his sermon titled, ‘The Word of God: Living, Active, Sharp,’ John Piper says that we have only one hope for escaping the deceit of sin. We need something ‘sharp enough and powerful enough to penetrate through all the deception and shed light on our thoughts and intentions.’

My only hope for entering God’s perfect rest after this life is found in the Word of God – the Bible.

The promises and warnings of God’s judgement are sharp, living and active enough to penetrate to the bottom of my heart and show me that the lies of sin are indeed lies.

I need to read my Bible even more than I realise. And the times when sin tells me not to read it are the times I need to read it even more.

What about you? Do you find reading the Bible hard? Why?

4 thoughts on “I Would Rather Sleep Than Spend Time With God

  1. Awesome Gracie… good reflections, I was thinking about the same thing yesterday when I wrote http://working-on-the-mission.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/motivating-spiritual-workout.html – It takes real discipline to work up a strength and motivation for the Word of God, kind of like exercising the fat and lazyness from our physicial body before we become fit, we have to exercise our human nature and preoccupation with sin from our spiritual body before we find devotional time with God easy.

  2. It’s a hard thing to do..i wonder whether devontional time ever truly becomes easy though? Or is it something I’ll have to fight for always?

    • I really do think it’s like the gym. the gym is never ‘easy’ it always leaves u puffing, but the more you do it the easier the motivation is to go, the more you can do and the better technique you have at it.

      Spiritual workouts are the same – they’ll always leave u a bit tired, but they do become easier to get to, you find you want to spend longer doing them and you find the best way for u to communicate with God.

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