Learning from James – Chapt 1

My computer studies teacher in high school used to use the book of James as a punishment for misbehaving. Anyone in his detention class knew that their lunch time was going to consist of writing the entire book over and over and over..(this is the same teacher who spent a whole year teaching the class how to change the background colour on an .html website..oh and also thought that a primary level typing program was suitable for 15 year olds, but don’t get me started on that)

I’ve just finished reading through the book of James – willingly! And while I didn’t write the whole thing down..I do remember some of it.

Here is what God taught me in Chapter One:

1. Hard times and trials are good things. They develop good character and God will bless me if I endure them.

2. Wisdom isn’t necessarily something developed over time, but can be asked for. It’s something that when asked for in full faith, with no doubts, God gives generously to his children. Warning: God gives to his children generously when they have faith. If I claim to have faith, but doubt God, I’m double minded and will be given nothing.

3. I put far too much importance on myself. I am merely a vapour in the wind and can fade or vanish at anytime God blows it. Everything I have on this earth and everything that I pride myself in or on, other than God, will disappear. I think that I value what I have and what I’ve achieved too much because I know that if they were to disappear, I’d be crushed.

4. Temptation isn’t from God. Tempation comes from my own desires to do evil things. I need to accept the responsibility for my sin instead of trying to pass the blame. God is good and only good comes from Him.

5. I don’t listen enough, I speak too quickly and my temper is out of control.

6. I can read my Bible every day but not change to be more like Jesus one bit. I need to read and do. Read and DO. It’s easy to fool myself into thinking that because I read my Bible, I’m a super-Christian.

7. Being a follower of Jesus isn’t about following ‘rules’ or going to church every single Sunday. It’s not about ticking the boxes. It’s about being different from the pollution that is destroying the world. It actually means that I’m no better than anyone else, so I should love and look after other people just like Jesus did. Being different is a life of discipline.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a little bit to think about.

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