Learning From James – Chapt 2

Just quickly, here are my thoughts from Chapter 2:

1. Making distinctions between people (including fellow Christians) based on their social class, what they wear, where they work, how attractive they are or how socially comfortable they are is not ok. I think in churches we do this without realising. Using my own church as an example, a big number of the people who attend regularly are employed (some on one income with children), home owners, well dressed, drive a nice car and in their spare time, like going to the movies, cafe visits..etc etc. I can identify with most of the above. I guess I just wonder how often we spend time investing in people of the same social status as ourselves compared with those who might be living in different circumstances. Personally, I don’t do this much. And while I like to think I don’t intentionally show partiality, deep down, hidden somewhere I don’t want anyone to see, I think of myself as better than people who a) aren’t as fortunate to be in the circumstance I’m in and b) are in a more fortunate circumstance then I am, because I’m not ‘parading around like they do’. Wow.

2. God’s people are justified through faith. But if I have faith in God and there are no outworkings to show that, do I even have faith at all? Verse 22 makes it clear for me:

You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works..

Faith is shown through works. True Christians are actually different than the secular world. They don’t just believe in God. Faith requires a response – good deeds. And not because they’re ‘rules’ to follow. But because we’re so in awe of the good God has done for us, we can’t help but show it to others.

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